Interview with Tom Blow, Kelton’s new Metering Engineer

Interview with Tom Blow, Kelton's new Metering Engineer.

Kelton is proud to be the trusted consultancy partner for some of the biggest names in the energy industry. That’s why our team is expanding.

We are thrilled to have a new metering engineer join the team. Tom Blow, Tom has been with us for just over 3 months now. He has a wealth of experience in metering in the oil and gas industry spanning 17 years.

We recently interviewed Tom to get to know him a bit better and find out his views of working at Kelton.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Over the past 17 years I have predominantly been in the production side on offshore platforms and onshore gas terminals. Prior to this I served an apprenticeship as an instrument technician on an oil refinery.

What is your role and what do you do?

I am currently working with various clients providing metering technical support and advice. This includes activities such as calculating potential mismeasurements, equipment condition monitoring, site/package metering upgrades etc.

Why did you choose to work with Kelton?

I was excited to be offered the opportunity to work with Kelton as they are renowned within the metering sector of the oil and gas industry as field experts. I felt it would be an excellent chance to further deepen my understanding of metering by working with new equipment and standards.

From a personal perspective I felt the time was right to swap regular working away/offshore with a more family friendly working environment.

What is the best part of your role?

I enjoy problem-solving and finding new innovative ways to overcome some of the challenges faced in my new role. Kelton is a relatively small close-knot team and I love the flexibility and familiarity this brings.

What’s the best advice you can give to someone thinking about starting a career in engineering?

I would recommend working in engineering to anyone who was interested in a challenging and rewarding role. It can be fascinating learning and working within an industry with such structured and exact science but there’s also a lot of scope for research and innovation.

If you take hydrocarbon metering as a small component of general engineering the science and standards have been around for many years, allowing for a very accurate evaluation of energy flows for fiscal and custody transfer. Both to ensure correct billing, taxation, and environmental reporting, but also for process, transportation, storage, and reservoir management. It’s also at the forefront of change, with a keen focus on our greener future there is so much potential for innovation with Hydrogen Future Projects, Carbon Capture & Storage Projects etc.

Tell me something not many people know about you?

As an aside to engineering, I am passionate about nutrition, ethical eating and live fire cooking. I’m currently taking butchery lessons.