Performance Based Monitoring

Next generation CBM integrated with real-time live uncertainty analysis to ensure ongoing performance

Performance Based Monitoring

Through continuous assessment of your equipment, Smart Asset Management’s innovative Performance Based Monitoring
solution supports the early detection of potential problems with your asset.

It does this by combining all the benefits of a world-class condition-based monitoring system, such as 24/7 monitoring, automated alerts and clear traffic-light status indicators, deep-dive diagnostics, multi-layer analysis and built-in troubleshooting, with real-time asset performance monitoring.

Extending maintenance windows

Metering devices need to be shipped to an accredited calibration facility for recalibration. With a lack of performance-based insight, this is often time-based and typically occurs every 12 months (for USMs as an example). This happens even if the device is operating well within its required tolerances.

Swapping out primary meters and analysers for calibrations can sometimes result in costly damages during transit, and will result in the entire meter run needing to be vented releasing methane emissions on gas systems.

By understanding current and historical device performance, combined with the desired tolerances and existing time-based maintenance schedules, the operator can provide the proof needed to move from a time-based schedule to a risk- and performance-based schedule.

Performance Based Monitoring allows the operator to utilise the real-time performance data from their metering equipment to understand how and where they can potentially extend a maintenance or calibration window.

Be certain about your uncertainty.

Dynamic Uncertainty delivers real-time remote monitoring of your measurement system performance, and alerts you to measurement events as soon as they happen, rather than being detected at the next intervention. 

And, if there is a deviation in performance such as increase in drift, you can act promptly and concisely to resolve the issue and avoid a costly mismeasurement event.

This ensures you can always be certain about your uncertainty.

Dynamic Uncertainty is exclusively available as part of Smart Asset Management.

Minimise your risk of unplanned downtime

Best-in-class software solutions to support the design, operation and management of your flow measurement system.

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