The most comprehensive set of calculations available to flow measurement engineers.

The calculations you need.
Available when and where you need them.

Designed by measurement engineers for measurement engineers, FloCalc helps you to break through the complexity of flow measurement calculations.

Containing the most comprehensive set of calculations available to flow measurement engineers, FloCalc supports all your calculation needs with flexible options to best suit requirements.

Calculation confidence and full traceability.
Always up-to-date through an annual licence.

FloCalc includes calculations to:

The energy industry will continue to evolve.  And so will FloCalc.  

The calculations within FloCalc are continually reviewed and updated to meet the demands of measurement engineers and regulators, alike.  And as part of your annual FloCalc licence, you can benefit from the latest developments as soon as they are released.

With full and demonstrable traceability between calculations and the relevant industry standard, FloCalc gives you the confidence you need for all your flow measurement calculations.

The evergreen: always connected and always up-to-date with the latest developments through FloCalc online.  

Take your ‘online’ offline: the full FloCalc calculation suite downloaded to a remote application for use offline. 

A familiar look and feel: live FloCalc calculations can also be included within Microsoft Excel workbooks.

Take FloCalc for a test drive with FloCalc Lite: the free web-based flow measurement calculation package.

Intuitive user interface.


All FloCalc calculations use a common interface and is designed to provide fast, accurate and reliable results.


Use the intelligent search functionality to instantly find the calculation you need.


Calculations can be saved and results presented as PDF reports for distribution.

Integrate with Excel.

Microsoft Excel

Live FloCalc calculations can be included in a Microsoft Excel workbook - compatible with Excel 2016 onwards.

Common inputs

Calculation inputs and outputs are linked to cell references and can be performed using any common metric or imperial engineering unit.

Intuitive functions

When used with Microsoft Excel, drag and drop functions can be used in the same way as standard Microsoft Excel to perform repeat calculations.

Trending and goals

Furthermore, the application will recognise absolute and relative cell references as well as named cells to integrate seamlessly with the functionality of Microsoft Excel, enabling trending and charting of results as well as more advanced data functions such as Goal Seek.

A theoretical twin

This makes it ideal for constructing workbooks using multiple calculations with common inputs - a complete flow computer calculation can be reproduced on a single Microsoft Excel worksheet.

Take FloCalc for a test drive with FloCalc Lite: the free web-based flow measurement calculation package.

Further integration.

Share inputs

Calculations can be combined into workbooks to share inputs or feed results from one calculation (or a number of calculations) into another.


When integrated with MeterManager, values can be automatically read from and written to computer systems.


FloCalc calculations use a common interface which allows the selection of calculation options, engineering units and resolution to obtain digit agreement.

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