Consultancy services.

Engineering solutions for today. Consultancy services for a better tomorrow.

Engineering solutions for today.
Consultancy services for a better tomorrow.

The energy industry is transitioning through one of the most pivotal moments in its history.

There is a growing global demand for safe, reliable and affordable energy.  And, at the same time, there is a growing global need for reduced emissions and carbon intensity across all sectors – to be facilitated by new technologies and lower-carbon sources.

This presents a generational challenge, and an opportunity, for organisations, regulators and governments, alike.  But it’s not a challenge that any single stakeholder has to pursue alone.

Your consultancy service partner.
Maximising the value and efficiency of your operations.

Whatever your objective – whether it’s to enhance your operational performance, maximise the utility of your energy assets, reduce the carbon intensity of your operations, or transition to lower-carbon energy sources – Kelton can support.

Our priority is to maximise the value and efficiency of your energy assets.

We do this by working closely with you to truly understand your operations, and your needs.  

Only then can we provide the right engineering solution to optimise your performance, today; or deliver the best-practice guidance and consultancy services to support your journey towards a smarter, more efficient and greener tomorrow.

That’s why Kelton is the trusted consultancy partner for some of the biggest names in the energy industry.




Hydrogen and CO2


Emissions reporting


Hydrocarbon liquids

Specialist areas.
Through-life support.

Proactively identifying current and potential issues – whether at a design, integration, commissioning or operational phase – Kelton’s consultancy services give you the assurances you need in your process system; ensuring ongoing performance and compliance.

Furthermore, we can advise upon the best solutions to achieve your performance, efficiency, low-carbon and connected and digital goals.

Our experienced team can support across multiple industries, sectors and disciplines, including:



Ensuring the optimum fit, form and function for your system.

  • Analysis and design of steel structures, including static equipment skids and offshore and FPSO topside skids using STAAD.Pro.
  • Onshore and offshore lifting analysis, pipe stress and flexibility analysis, and wind load calculation on piping system.
  • Quasi-static analysis of water hammer, accidental blast load analysis on piping, surge flow and slug flow analysis.


Expert guidance to ensure safe and effective process systems.

Services include:

  • Feasibility and FEED studies.
  • Project engineering design and third-party design reviews.
  • HAZOP and SIL studies.


The assurances you need in your measurement system performance.

  • Audits including remote system audits.
  • Measurement guidance and support, including for hydrogen and carbon dioxide.
  • Management of uncertainty, including desktop audits, uncertainty estimates, modelling and calculations to ensure ongoing performance.
  • Front-end design, including basis of design and system specification.


Ensuring your produced water treatment system meets your operational and environmental objectives.

  • Process plant cost estimation.
  • Preparation of technical specifications / independent design reviews and risk assessments.
  • Detailed optimisation of system design.

Hydraulic and electrical.

Supporting the ongoing safety and performance of your critical control systems.


  • Hydraulic sizing calculations.
  • Hazardous area electrical and instrumentation design.
  • Hazardous area inspection and maintenance scheduling.

Digital and cyber security.

Ensuring the continued performance and safety of your most valuable assets.

  • Flow computer configuration, and supervisory computer and HMI design / configuration.
  • Design, configuration and implementation of connected and remote technologies, including condition-based monitoring.
  • Cyber security reviews and upgrades, including antivirus, permission access control and firewall interface updates.

The uncertainty challenge.
It's not just about compliance.

Demonstrating the uncertainty of a measurement system is a contractual and regulatory requirement.  But understanding and controlling your uncertainty is about more than compliance.

Optimising the value and efficiency of energy operations is key to achieving a better balanced and low-carbon energy future.  Better control of your uncertainty provides a better assessment of your energy operation’s efficiency and performance. 

Contact us to better understand and control your measurement uncertainty.

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LNG Audit
"The improvements to our client's LNG measurement and sampling performance will significantly reduce their risk and exposure to potentially expensive commercial issues."
Stuart Christie
Operations Director
Case study: Australia.

LNG measurement support.

Our challenge: to provide an assessment of LNG, Condensate and LPG tank measurement, along with LNG product quality sampling and analysis systems.