Remove the uncertainty from your uncertainty assessment and modelling.

Simplifying uncertainty.
Demonstrating compliance.

UncertaintyPlus removes the uncertainty from your uncertainty assessment by enabling designers, flow measurement engineers and operators to determine the estimated uncertainty of a flow measurement system for a given set of operating conditions.

Furthermore, it will validate and prove the actual uncertainty performance aligned to the required standards.

Calculation confidence and full traceability.
Always up-to-date through an annual licence.

UncertaintyPlus supports measurement engineers to:

The energy industry will continue to evolve.  And so will UncertaintyPlus.  

The calculations within UncertaintyPlus are continually reviewed and updated to meet the demands of measurement engineers and regulators, alike.  And as part of your annual UncertaintyPlus licence, you can benefit from the latest developments as soon as they are released.

With full and demonstrable traceability between calculations and the relevant industry standard, UncertaintyPlus gives you the confidence you need for all your flow measurement uncertainty calculations.

The evergreen: always connected and always up-to-date with the latest developments through UncertaintyPlus online.  

Take your ‘online’ offline: your uncertainty modules downloaded to a remote application for use offline. 

The uncertainty challenge.
It's not just about compliance.

Demonstrating the uncertainty of a measurement system is a contractual and regulatory requirement.  But understanding and controlling your uncertainty is about more than compliance.

Optimising the value and efficiency of energy operations is key to achieving a better balanced and low-carbon energy future.  Better control of your uncertainty provides a better assessment of your energy operation’s efficiency and performance. 

To enhance decision-making processes, UncertaintyPlus facilitates ‘what if’ scenarios to model the impact of changing equipment conditions, process conditions or other parameters on your uncertainty – including  scenarios to improve your uncertainty.  And, with a 95% confidence level on all calculations, you can be certain in your uncertainty modelling.


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Intuitive user interface.


Calculation modules.

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