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FloCalc is compatible with Excel 2016 onwards on Windows operating systems that are still supported by Microsoft.  Requires a FloCalc package with Excel integration.

Kelton software adopts the convention of adding 1 standard atmosphere (1.01325 bar) to convert values from gauge pressure to absolute pressure. Although this convention is widely used in the industry it is worth being aware that inaccuracy will be introduced particularly at low pressure.

Kelton is continually developing new calculations. The calculations available will be limited to those which were included at the time you purchased your FloCalc licence. Contact to discuss unlocking further calculations (when the calculations are released).

Legacy calculations are those which were available in previous versions of FloCalc and have been updated or replaced by newer versions. They have been included in FloCalc to allow opening of calculation files which were created in previous versions. Unless you are opening an old calculation, it is best to avoid the legacy calculations altogether.

Yes – the spreadsheet will function like any other Excel spreadsheet and the formulae will recalculate if the user has FloCalc installed and licenced. To enable distribution of spreadsheets in this way multi-user licences are available.

FloCalc is available on an annual licence basis.  Contact us to purchase FloCalc.

Contact your local Kelton office or in-country partner for the latest prices.


MeterManager uses an SQL database which can be installed on SQL Server 2008 or higher. If you do not have an SQL Server or are using a stand-alone installation, SQL Express can be downloaded free of charge from Microsoft.

Yes. The main advantage of using the Instrument Management scheduler lies in gathering information on tests that are missed as well as those completed. Scheduling tests in your Instrument Management application will also help plan your workflow as tests can be run from the planner. As the scheduler in the Instrument Management application can be set to reference the work order number in your plant maintenance system, Kelton recommends scheduling tests in Instrument Management even when using another application such as SAP or Maximo.

MeterManager is available on an annual licence basis.  Contact us to purchase Manager.

Contact your local Kelton office or in-country partner for the latest prices.

Software support.

Kelton provides remote support to make sure you continue to get the best from your solution.

All annual software licences include maintenance updates and access to our dedicated support team.

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