Transport applications.

The most efficient way to manage your product transportation lifecycle.

Simplifying complexity.
Dispensation, deviation and mismeasurement management.

Designed by measurement engineers for measurement engineers, Kelton Transport Applications simplify the whole lifecycle of dispensation, deviation and mismeasurement management – from raising the initial request and streamlining the internal review and approval process, to formal submissions, revisions and resubmissions.

A need for reliable measurements.
Confidence and full traceability.

Transport applications, features:

To keep both cost and environmental footprint to a minimum, hydrocarbons are frequently transported via shared infrastructure. However, this creates a need for reliable measurements at all primary allocation points to support accurate attribution.

The particular requirements associated with the measurement approach are agreed and recorded in the pipeline operating agreement, which is legally binding to all parties involved

Consequently, operators must be able to demonstrate that they have adequate systems of oversight in place to detect and appropriately manage any departures from normal operating practice to remain compliant. Whether due to equipment failure or product quality exceptions, any significant divergence from the conditions formally agreed requires the timely submission of a dispensation request.

Improved process efficiency.
Deployable locally or globally.

Transport applications: designed by measurement engineers, for measurement engineers.

Kelton has developed an easy-to-use software solution to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the whole dispensation, deviation and mismeasurement management process for fiscal product transportation activities.

Comprised of four fully auditable applications, the software collates information from multiple sources of the Transportation System to ensure ongoing control from export through to delivery.

Deployed locally to support a single measurement system or accessed remotely through the cloud to manage multiple measurement systems and multiple sites, Kelton Transport Applications segments all equipment into one of four classes to aid with the management of different workflows:

Transport applications, benefits:

Entry or Exit from a Transportation System (Pipeline, Road, Rail, Ship Tanker).

Measurement of separate fields that are comingled before custody transfer with differing taxation/production licenses, partner equity splits, etc.

Measurement of separate Production/Injection Wells within a field that are for the purpose of production licenses, reservoir optimisation, etc.

Produced Water overboard in compliance with OPPC regulations and Fuel and Flare measurement in compliance with EU ETC legislation.

Meet the applications.

An Oil and Gas Authority example.

For the United Kingdom Continental Shelf (UKCS), the format of such a request is prescribed by the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA). This is in the form of an MS Word document, which has to be manually progressed through the company-internal QA and approval cycle.

While being forwarded from person to person, operators are also required to prepare regular progress updates on the resolution of the dispensation, using a prescribed MS Excel spreadsheet. This procedure is both cumbersome and time-consuming, not only risking delayed submission but also making it an expensive process to maintain.

What is more, this labour-intensive way of handling such important communications leaves the operator exposed to error, misinformation, and oversight, risking intervention and punitive action from the OGA.

Tried and tested across the Forties, UKCS.

Kelton has successfully implemented its software systems in a variety of environments – ranging from managing multiple sites spread across various geographical locations with the data stored in a central database to a single system with all components installed on a self-contained laptop.

Kelton Transport Applications have been in use across the Forties pipeline system, servicing multiple production sites. Experience has shown that the anticipated improvements in dispensation management efficiency have by far exceeded our clients’ expectations, delivering significant operational cost savings and reduced exposure to the threat of non-compliance.

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